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Hello and welcome to my Blog:- Wonderful Weed Weekly!

 My name is Yoke and I started my Yoke’s Magic Gardening business in April 2012.

I have also recently (January, 2019) started growing a very colourful plant called the Salvia again, of which I used to have a National Collection at former Rodbaston College in Staffordshire.

I am passionate about nature and would very much like to bring more of it into your garden by making it more colourful and beautiful for you, whilst also helping nature!

This blog will hopefully inspire you to think twice before you pull those weeds out of your garden by sharing some fascinating facts about them. For instance, did you know that weeds are actually helping your garden and that they are a plant in the right place and not as often said, a plant in the wrong place!

There are many wonderful blogs out there, so why need another one?

I have a desire to create an Ethno Botanical garden (see one of my earlier blogs) which grows just native plants and tells us, the visitors, about all their known uses for people. Every Botanical  garden makes sense of the entire world of plants by classifying them. As I trained at Kew Gardens, I would also like to use the latest system of Classification here and hopefully give you a gentle introduction into this heavy subject.

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  1. During the fifth form at school in the Botany class we collected wild flowers from hedgerows. returned to the classroom and classified them.
    Today they have almost disappeared.
    When I was farming many years ago, we never used insecticides.

    1. Thanks Ursula for reading my post. Yes it is incredible how times have changed. Must have been such a good experience for you? Such a shame we don’t longer learn all the common names of our flowers, birds and trees. Or maybe they do again?
      We becoming to reliant on chemicals like insecticides and herbicides- no good!
      Best wishes,

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