The Other Useful Umbellifers

The Wild Carrot is easily recognisable as a typical Umbellifer!

Last week the Ground-elder was fully covered in my blog for all its useful attributes and this week I hope to tackle all the remaining ones in the last family of all the Dicot families in Stace.

It is a large family with 50 genera although many genera have just the one native species and only a few having a small number of different species. 

This post is again ‘colour coded’ for hopefully ease of reading! White and blue background for general information. Mostly this time there is a green background for edible and other uses. Pink background is when there is a warning for poisonous, which can also sometimes mean medicinal!

Several of our root vegetables and herbs belong to this family, although these are cultivated varieties, not always native (NN in list below) to the British Isles. I would as an exception like to talk about those towards the end of this post as they are fascinating to me and hopefully to you too. You can also follow the links below their names to find out more about their edibility (often as flavouring or herb) and medicinal uses. I’ve used Wikipedia a lot again as they have such valuable information about the individual species about their uses.

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