The Deadnettle family or Lamiaceae : part 2

Last week was part 1 of the Lamiaceae or Deadnettle family.

Pretty Ground Ivy or Glechoma hederacea in Subfamily Nepetoideae

This week I cover genus 12-22 from Stace, split into two subfamilies, which does make sense if you look at the arrangements of the flowers:


  • 12) Teucrium or Germanders with 4 species
  • 13) Ajuga or Bugles with 3 species.

SUBFAMILY 4: NEPETOIDEAE (Genus 14-27) (Some genera are missing as these are non natives)

  • 14) Nepeta cataria or Catmint (archaeophyte)
  • 15) Glechoma hederacea or Ground-ivy
  • 16) Prunella or Selfheals with 1 possibly 2 native
  • 19) Clinopodium or Calamints
  • 21) Origanum vulgare or Wild Marjoram
  • 22) Thymus or Thymes

The following plants are covered in part 3

  • 23) Lycopus europaeus or Gypsywort
  • 24) Mentha or Mints. This is a difficult taxa for classification due to widespread hybridisation . But according to Stace; ‘with practice the scent of fresh plants is very helpful, but difficult to describe!’ Many are native but many will be introduced as escaped garden plants of course.
  • 27) From this large genus, Salvia or Sage, only 2 are native: S. pratensis or Meadow Clary and S. verbenaca or Wild Clary.

On the next page you can find the medicinal and other uses of these handsome weeds! Pictures by Matt Summers and very much grateful for all other + Wikipedia picture providers!! Blue background for general interest. Pink for medicinal uses. Most medicinal uses were found in Medicinal Flora. Green background for other uses and wildlife benefit. These were found mostly in PFAF and Wikipedia.

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