My dream for an Ethnobotanical Garden!

Ethnobotanical Gardens what are they?

The whole idea of starting an Ethnobotanical garden came about after volunteering for 2 months at ‘Jardin Etnobotanico de Oaxaca’ in 2008!

So what is an Ethnobotanical garden? Hope to explain all about this on the next page and why I feel it is important to have one in this day and age of global warming and pandemics!

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‘Heemtuin’ or Wildlife Garden in Nieuwkoop, the Netherlands

Entrance to the ‘Heemtuin Nieuwkoop’ with some typical Dutch bicycles parked up!


What is a Heemtuin?

History of the Heemtuin in the Netherlands

Willows and other features in Heemtuin Nieuwkoop

The plants and habitats re-created at Heemtuin Nieuwkoop

How to create a Heemtuin or Wildlife Garden

Growing and collecting herbs around Nieuwkoop in the last Century:

From an original article by Jan Vork from ‘Heemtuin Nieuwkoop’ (much edited and translated by Y. van der Meer)

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