Honeysuckle and other genera from the Caprifoliaceae family

I was just reminded that The Elder does not belong into the Caprifoliaceae family any longer but is now in the Adoxaceae family together with genus Viburnum which also used to be in the Caprifoliaceae!

Adoxacea is now family number 137 and Caprifoliaceae follows with number 138 in Stace.

But the Lonicera or Honeysuckle remains in the Caprifoliaceae or Honeysuckle family.

I use colour coding for easy reading! Blue background is information of the habitat from Plant Atlas 2020 and for the general interesting info (although I hope you find it all interesting!!). Green is about all the uses except for medicinal uses or if there is a warning in which case I use a pink background. The link on the Scientific name is mostly from Online Plant Atlas 2020 and the link on the Common Name is from Wikipedia or other websites for more information on Uses and pictures of the plants. Pictures by Matt Summers unless stated.


Lonicera or Honeysuckles

L. periclymenum or Common Honeysuckle

L. xylosteum or Fly Honeysuckle

Other neophyte species:

Other native genera in Caprifoliaceae

Linnaea borealis or Twinflower

Other non native plants in the Caprifoliaceae

Leycesteria formosa or Himalayan Honeysuckle

Symphoricarpos albus or Snowberry

Symphoricarpos orbiculatus or Coralberry