The Horsetails: weeds or useful plants!

The main horsetail I’ll be writing about today is Equisetum arvense or the Field Horsetail otherwise known as Shavegrass, Bottlebrush and Pewterwort!

This plant often gets a lot of critiscism.

Especially if it grows in your own garden or on the allotment!

On the far side of my allotments the plant grows everywhere, whilst it does not seem to grow much at all on mine or the rest of the allotment.  

So I decided I must research the horsetail and write this post!

I read a nice chapter in one of my older books and start off with this and then list all its virtues on the next page.

The green sterile stems of the horsetail (courtesy of MPF Wikipedia)

Other species of Equisetum with a traditional medicinal use in Britain are              E. sylvaticum or  Wood Horsetail and E. hyemale or Rough Horsetail.

These are found in the Equisetaceae family which is family number 5 in the Calomophyte group of the Pteridophytes (or Ferns & Fern allies)) and are one the most primitive of vascular plants.

I use colour coding for easy reading! Blue background is general interesting info (although hopefully you find it all interesting!!). Green is about all the uses except for medicinal uses or if there is a warning or negative note in which case I use a pink background.

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