Ivy is a wildlife heaven!

The ivy on our wall has been looking fabulous again last year and providing the bees and wasps, as well as the odd butterfly some late nectar.

Then afterwards the black berries lasted until late spring as a nutritious food for our resident birds, mainly wood pigeons and blackbirds seem to enjoy them!

At present; May 2021, it is a nesting site for a couple of hedge sparrows (or dunnocks) and blackbirds.

So you could say that it is a heaven for our wildlife!

A Red Admiral posing on an Ivy flower not yet ready open! (picture by Matt Summers)

Many gardeners despise it though but it has many good uses for us too as you can find out on the following page.


General Description

Two types of leaves

Environmental and Wildlife Uses

Toxicity and ethnomedical uses

Medicinal uses

Ornamental Use

Other Use

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