The Deadnettle family or Lamiaceae: part 3

This week we continue with the last 3 genera in the Deadnettle family or Lamiaceae and its Subfamily 4: Nepetoideae which are the following:

Mentha aquatica or Water Mint
  • Nepeta cataria or Cat-mint
  • Glechoma hederacea or Ground-ivy
  • Prunella spp or Selfheals
  • Clinopodium spp. or Calamints
  • Origanum vulgare or Wild Marjoram
  • Thymus spp or Thymes
  • Lycopus europaeus or Gypsywort
  • Mentha or the Mints
  • Salvia or Sage

The first 6 genera and species were discussed in part 2 of the Lamiaceae.

And also see part 1 here

The following will be highlighted this week:

  • Lycopus europaeus or Gypsywort.
  • Mentha or Mints.
  • From this large genus, Salvia or Sage, only 2 are native: S. pratensis or Meadow Clary and S. verbenaca or Wild Clary.

Most information is copied from the Medicinal Flora, Wikipedia and other fabulous websites and links are provided on the various plants covered as well as on difficult scientific or medical terms.

Blue background for intersting facts, green background for various uses and pink for medicinal uses.

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