The Wonderful Weed Weekly Blog

To talk kindly about the weeds in my weekly blog, we first need to identify those weeds of which many people despise…!

I found the RHS website very useful please see here as well as how to tackle them.

I don’t really want to repeat what this brilliant website says, as my weekly blog wants to highlight the positive things about those weeds!

Weeds are also just being ‘themselves’; one of the many native plants of these Isles! They grow in soil and habitat in which they naturally like to grow in and often we are actually helping them greatly by providing a pleasant environment to thrive even more!

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In the last blog I explained some scientific terms which you will find throughout my blogs. This time I explain a little more why I want to start a blog all about Ethnobotany and our native plants..

The more I work with all kinds of plants, in my daily life and work, the more I appreciate them, and this even includes ‘WEEDS’, or our native plants as I prefer to call them; or even wild flowers as many are pretty as well as useful…. Or ‘PRETTY USEFUL’!!

Crambe maritima or Sea kale looking stunning in its native habitat!

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‘Heemtuin’ or Wildlife Garden in Nieuwkoop, the Netherlands

Entrance to the ‘Heemtuin Nieuwkoop’ with some typical Dutch bicycles parked up!

A ‘Heem-tuin’ (pronounce as Haime-town) or ‘Heem-park’ is an artificially created large garden or park to show off the native, local  flora as well as its fauna.

As far as I know it is a Dutch concept.

It was introduced by by Jac. P. Thijsse (1865-1945).

He thought of the idea to create an educative park which does not just recreate a garden with individual native plants, but shows entire communities or vegetative zones such as meadows, heathland, woodland, etc.

I have been visiting Heemtuin Nieuwkoop in the Netherlands for the last 10 years or so, whenever here on a family visit. You can watch this lovely video on YouTube to see the garden in bird eye view.

Apparently there are about 130 of these type gardens in the Netherlands and 7 in Belgium; some are listed with their localities on the Dutch Webpage here

I will translate some of the information below as the translation is not accurate, but rather about Wildlife Gardens.

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