Yoke’s Magic Salvias: Chapter 2!

Salvia x jamensis ‘Peter Vidgeon’ AGM

Today I had the universe shining on me, as I think, …… but don’t say it too loud, just in case it is a dream?

I may have found some premises to grow my first few salvias!

We had a tip through the former boss of my partner to have a look and enquire at this nearby nursery, which has been a nursery since the 1920s, so we were told by the now sole owner there since 2001! She rents out all the various buildings and polytunnels on site and also makes a living of breeding poultry, ducks and peacocks / hens.

She showed us the entire site and then we walked into a vacant tunnel which had a 10 meter x 1.80 meter (?) propagation bench in it, which will be perfect to start my collection!

Can’t wait to start buying in my ‘Mum’ plants!

I already know that I would like to grow most of the same ones I used to have at Rodbaston College and I’ve tracked many of them down to several nearby nurseries.

More later!

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