The Elder or Sambucus nigra Part 1 of the Adoxaceae


Flowers of purity

                                      Berries of beauty

                                                Elder statesman

                                                          Standing proud…

                             …Yet harmonious within the green

                             Lichen Winter branches

                                      Are as bare bones clutching

                                                The grey skies in waiting

                                                          For bud-break Spring…

                             …Sweet symmetry within the green

                             Blossom bleeds heavenwards

                                      In a cream cascade

                                                Showering clouds of Summer

                                                          Inviting insects inquisitive…

                             …A blazing torch within the green

                             As flowers fade

                                      Late Summer transformation

                                                Deep dark fruits

                                                          Blink as eyes opened in the depths…

                             …A harvest in waiting within the green

                             Fast falls the Autumn

                                      Yellowed keepsakes float with the year

                                                The final berry’s picked clean

                                                          This icon of the hedgerow…

                             …grows vigilant within the green

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