Yoke’s Magic Salvias now closed for business!

Salvia buchananii
This is one of the best Salvias for growing in a container. A small plant with wonderful, large, furry, magenta flowers, attractive shiny foliage. For more info see Robin Middleton’s website. All the Salvia pictures by my partner Matt Summers.

Maybe the few who read my blog would have noticed that my Salvia shop or online mail order adverb has disappeared?

This is because the hobby was just getting too expensive and I found out that I am not commercial minded enough to push the salvias for people to buy them. I love growing, displaying and collecting the salvias, but it all made sense being part of and for a College, where many students or visitors would appreciate them enough.

But still, I’ve now got lots of salvias, with most of them given to me by great salvia lovers and collectors themselves.. I will try and do my best to look after most of them just to see whether I can make them flourish once again as they used to at former Rodbaston College.

I now also do not see any big reason to carry on with my Salvia blog but may write something if I really have to say something interesting about them!

Instead, I will start again with revising my main blog all about our native plants and their uses, as I think this is a lot more useful.

There are some brilliant websites on salvias but I mostly recommend Robin Middleton’s website with the beautiful gallery of many salvia varieties!

For now then: goodbye and out….!

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