Yoke’s Magic Salvias update

It has been a while since my last post as have the excuse of seeing a friend in Tuscany on her herb farm which was like being in paradise. Nature and plants there are just stunning.

But whilst I’ve been away the salvias put on a lot of growth and there has been a lot of activity in the nursery, this being the busy season for all us gardeners!

My first 3 trays of cuttings!

The first salvia cuttings were taken the day before I left to Tuscany and are all still looking perky.

With all that growing of my salvia boys and girls there is a constant need for watering, feeding or/and re potting.

Many of my stock or ‘mum’ plants have been potted on into a large size container now and soon I will be taking more cuttings of them and especially of those varieties I didn’t take earlier.

The seedlings also have grown very well and sometimes a bit too vigorous in order to keep them into the plug size hole. These also will eventually be grown on into a larger size pot.

Some seedlings are from annual salvias or and from tender perennial varieties but can grow very rapid to even flower this year. Then to prolong their life, you could either place the plant in a frost free place or collect the seeds or even take cuttings and place those in a light place again frost free.

As my Salvia nursery is a brand new venture some varieties won’t be available until later next month. However the following seedling varieties are ready now:

  • amarissima
  • coccinea ‘Forest Fire’
  • coccinea ‘Snow Nymph’
  • forskhaoleii
  • x ‘Jezebel’ seedling (can vary but mostly true to type)
  • patens ‘Chilcombe’
  • ‘Penny’s Smile’ (can vary but mostly true to type)
  • roemeriana
  • ‘Royal Bumble’ (can vary but mostly true to type)
  • trijuga
  • elegans (from cuttings)
  • elegans ‘Golden Delicious’ (from cuttings)
  • dorisiana (from cuttings)
  • urica
  • viscosa

Please find out more about all these varieties in my Salvia shop here but remember to email me first to avoid disappointment as I want you to be totally satisfied and come back for more!

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